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Teams, stories, photos, videos, slogans, logos and stats from the past can all be found here.

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Haircuts and uniform looks may have changed over the years, but Miller Pride never goes out of style! Click on the buttons below to see the Washburn Volleyball teams of the past along with other historical moments throughout the decades.

Far out, man! The 1970s was the decade that brought us many firsts in technology, entertainment, eco-awareness and equality; not to mention groovy fashions like bell-bottoms, ultra-wide collars, platform shoes and lots of polyester. It’s also the decade that most Gen Xers were born in. Click the button to check out the early years of Washburn Volleyball and view other notable events.

The 1980s were shaped by so many elements: liberalism, Reaganomics, the moral majority; breakdancing, hip hop, Goth and new wave music; the fall of the Berlin Wall, Black Monday, increasingly turbulent US - Soviet Union relations. The "decade of decadence" gave us timeless music, movies and pop culture references. The Me generation was born and with it, an explosion of personal electronic devices from the Sony Walkman (and soon after, the Discman), to personal computers and the first cellular phones. Click the button to check out the early years of Washburn Volleyball and view other notable events.

The "last hurrah" of the twentieth century saw the first baby boomer as President of the United States, an end to apartheid in South Africa, and saw further out into the universe than ever before. The 1990s saw the reunification of Germany and the end of the Cold War. Casual, loose-fitting clothes were the trademark fashion trend of the Grunge music scene, while Victoria's Secret supermodels strutted the catwalks wearing nearly nothing at all. Rugby shirts, ripped jeans, flannel shirts, Zubaz pants, Hypercolor tees, Starter jackets, cargo pants, Doc Martens and Air Jordans were mainstays throughout most of the decade. Click the button to check out the early years of Washburn Volleyball and view other notable events.

The 2000s, aka “the aughts,” brought us the dot-com bubble burst, a US presidential election that was ultimately decided by the US Supreme Court, reality game shows, a war on terror, smart phones, and an explosion of social media. The Lord of the Rings franchise hit the big screen, the “King of Pop” died tragically, another movie star became the governor of California, and we had more access to information and interaction on the Internet than ever before.

The “tens” began with massive natural disasters, and ended with the impeachment of a U.S. president. We took our first Uber rides to the Airbnb houses that we booked from an app on our first-gen iPads as the gig economy heated up. There was a global debate as to whether “the dress” was black and blue or white and gold. British princes William and Harry bookended the decade with their own weddings (to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively), while their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in between. We unconsciously played with our fidget spinners while we watched the Baby Shark video.


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