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Meet the teams of the 1970s

This was the first decade our school had organized, competitive volleyball for girls (the sport has been around since 1895, but mostly male-dominated for much of that time). Head coaches for the '70s teams were: unknown ('72), Coach Long ('73-'77), and Coach McLaughlin ('78-'79). There were a few other notable moments during this decade, including:


1970: Disco is born (2/14); The Beatles break up (4/10); first Earth Day (4/22)

1971: The first VCR hits the shelves (3/26); Disney World opens (10/1)

1972: TV show, "M*A*S*H*" premieres (9/17); the first video game is mass-released (Pong: 11/29)

1973: SCOTUS rules that a woman cannot be prevented by a state in having an abortion during the first six months of pregnancy in the landmark precedent-setting case, Roe vs. Wade (1/22)

1974: Girls are allowed to play Little League baseball for the first time (3/27)

1975: Microsoft Inc. is founded (4/4); the final version of Title IX is signed into law, paving the way for equity in school sports between the genders (5/27); the movie “Jaws” is released in theaters, making us all afraid to swim in the ocean (6/20); punk rock takes the stage in London in the form of the Sex Pistols band (11/6)

1976: Apple Inc. is founded (4/1); the Viking 1 space probe lands on Mars (7/20)

1977: The movie, "Star Wars" is released, giving us “A New Hope” (5/25); President Jimmy Carter creates the cabinet-level Energy Department (8/4)

1978: The first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the Double Eagle II, lands in France after 137 hours of flight (8/17)

1979: The first spacecraft passes by the planet Saturn (9/1)

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