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About Millers Volleyball

The Washburn Millers Volleyball program strives to develop great athletes and even greater people through instruction, guidance and encouragement in order to compete at the highest levels of play while gaining important life skills that will be utilized regularly as adults.

Along with the support from our players' families, friends and the neighboring community, we provide a high level of instruction in a safe space that fosters both personal growth and team cohesiveness. Just as it "takes a village" to raise a child, it takes a cooperative effort from our teachers, administrators and school staff to help promote a positive environment that's conducive to reaching great heights.

Here are just a few of the people that provide critical support to our Millers Volleyball program throughout the season:
Integral Partners

Athletic Director


The 2021-22 school year was the first year Coach Jenkins helmed the athletics department at Washburn HS, but his initial experience with the school was as a student (a 1996 graduate).


After graduating from Minnesota State University - Mankato, he came back to Washburn in an administrative role and was also a football coach for the Millers (head coach in 2010).


With firsthand knowledge and experience as a coach, "Jenks" understands the needs of our sports programs, and he has a great vision for all of Washburn Athletics.


He works tirelessly all year long (yes, even in the summer) to ensure all Washburn sports programs have the necessary equipment and support to have successful seasons.

Assistant Athletic Director


Sofia joins Washburn Athletics for the 2023 - 2024 school year as the new assistant athletic director, taking over from now-retired "Ms. Lilly," a longtime fixture at Washburn HS.


Sofia has an AA in Social and Behavioral Science, and is currently earning her Bachelors Degree from St. Kate's. While she works to support Washburn athletics, she also splits her time as a Special Education Assistant at Justice Page School.

Having grown up in Minneapolis, and spending so much time at Washburn over the years, Sofia has hit the ground running in her new role. She is taking control of the various systems and processes that are critical to a well-run athletics department, and is eager to help our student-athletes succeed.

TRIA Athletic Trainer


Sam began supporting the Washburn sports programs during the 2021-2022 school year, and we are excited to see him back in his role as athletic trainer for another school year.


While we never wish for an athlete to suffer an injury during practice or competition, we know that Sam can handle the many potential situations that may arise during the various sports seasons. 

Sam performs assessments on our student-athletes for both mind (concussion protocol) and body (tweaks, sprains, strains, etc.) and is often seen on the sidelines of our various sports' games and matches.

He's also responsible for ensuring our Emergency Action Plans are up-to-date and that our coaches understand their roles in the event of an emergency.


Librarian, Yearbook Adviser, Photog


Mr. McCreary is our go-to resource for help with the Archives section of this website and has been a constant presence on the sideline with his camera at home matches over the last few years. He has been instrumental in providing team pics from past years' Wahians (Washburn High Annuals, aka, yearbooks), and we're looking forward to seeing more shots from him of our current and future teams!


Counselor, Equipment Manager


As a school counselor, Mr. Crowell helps guide students through myriad academic, personal, college/career  and social situations.


As the sports equipment manager, he keeps track of uniforms and equipment inventory for all Washburn athletic programs. 



Our engineers keep our gym tidy and safe for practices and competitions, and ensure the restrooms are clean and well-stocked for our players, coaches, visiting teams and all of our spectators. They prepare the gym for home matches by retracting the basketball hoops and extending the bleachers. Our engineers also help with clean-up at the end of the night and we appreciate the work they do!

Washburn Millers Volleyball Boosters

(From Left to Right) Evan Hermodson, Therese Gibbons, Sara Stenzel

The primary members of our Booster Club consist of our treasurer, Evan, our communications director, Therese, and our volunteer and apparel coordinator, Sara.


While there are additional volunteers associated with our Boosters, these three handle the bulk of the season's administrative responsibilities. In addition to their specific roles, they also help coordinate home match night set-ups, fundraising events, player/parent night and Booster Club meetings, and our end-of-season awards banquet. 

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201 West 49th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419

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