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Meet the teams of the 1980s

This decade marked the first time the varsity volleyball team made it to the State Tournament. The head coaches of the '80s were: Coach Dockendorf ('80 - '84), Coach J. Salzman ('85 - '88), and Coach Diane Krueger ('89 - '03). There were a few other notable moments during this decade, including:

1980: The Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY set the stage for the "Miracle on Ice" when a team of US amateur ice hockey members defeated a Soviet Union professional all-star team (2/13); Pac Man is introduced (5/22); CNN is launched (6/1)

1981: MTV debuts and changes the way we "see" music (8/1); IBM introduces the IBM-PC (8/12); Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first female Supreme Court associate justice

1982: TV show, "Cheers" premieres (9/30); Michael Jackson's Thriller is released (11/30)

1983: Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first woman to travel to space (6/18)

1984: Geraldine Ferraro is chosen as the first female US Vice Presidential candidate (7/12); the first compact disc (CD) is pressed (9/1)

1985: Live Aid, a concert to raise money for African famine relief, was held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia (7/13); the first version of Microsoft's Windows operating system for computers is released (11/20)

1986: Martin Luther King Day becomes an official federal holiday (1/20); five million people make a human chain across the US in the "Hands Across America" campaign to fight hunger and homelessness (5/25)

1987: TV show, "The Simpsons" debuts, providing us with decades of pop culture references and a perennial 10-year-old boy named Bart (4/5)

1988: First patent for a genetically-engineered animal is issued (4/12)

1989: The Motorola cellular phone is introduced (4/25); Nintendo launches the Game Boy in North America (7/31)

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WHS VBALL 82_1.2.jpg
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WHS VBALL 84_1_edited.jpg
WHS VBALL 84_1_edited.jpg
WHS VBALL 84_1_edited.jpg
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